VAA Philippines

About the Partner

VAA Philippines is a full-service agency that fuels brand growth by connecting top-notch Virtual Assistants with skills suited to the needs of Amazon and Walmart Sellers. We provide professional and well-equipped virtual assistants who are ready to go onboard and help bring your business to another level.

Struggling to find a top-notch Amazon virtual assistant to help with their Amazon business, Gilad and Hila Freimann established VAA Philippines in 2017 with only one goal in mind—to provide quality support every Amazon Seller needs from highly skilled virtual assistants on demand.

To date, VAA Philippines has a pool of more than more than 400 proactive and reliable virtual assistants well-trained with the latest innovations in digital marketing. Our mission is to assist Amazon and Walmart sellers so they can focus on core tasks that grow the business.

As one of the leading virtual assistant agencies in the Philippines that cater to Amazon and Walmart Sellers, VAA Philippines provides high-quality training for aspiring VAs. And every talent is rigorously vetted, trained, and tested through our dynamic in-house pipeline.

We source and train only the best.

VAA Philippines houses a plethora of experts ready to help Sellers run their business.

– Amazon Expert VA
– Amazon PPC Specialist
– Wholesale and Arbitrage Expert VA
– Social Media Marketing Specialists
– Creatives Expert
– Executive Assistant
– Walmart VAs

We don’t want you to get bogged down with the details. So VAA Philippines takes care of everything, from the intensive screening process to continuous support to FREE training to ensure all Expert VAs are up to date with the latest innovations in the industry.

Special Offer: 10 Hours FREE for the first VA


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