Practice Areas

Trademark Registration

Protect your brand from competitors, and gain exclusive right to use your trademark.

Listing Reinstatement

Let us Fight the legal fight, and reinstate your listing quickly and efficiently

Copyrights and Design Patent Registration

Protect your unique photos, graphic designs, or product shape.

Patent Consulting

Patent protection can be very complex. Don’t take a competitor’s word that you might be infringing its patent. Let our professionals analyze the patent and tell you if it’s true.



Contracts are needed when things go wrong. Therefore, business relationships should be defined under contract, and your interests must be protected for future potential conflicts.


Fight off counterfeiters and hijackers. Protect your listing and brand.

About us

Cabilly & Co. is one of the only firms in the world that combines years of expertise in intellectual property, and daily interactions with Amazon sellers. Our attorneys live and breathe Amazon, know the sellers’ struggles, their strength and their fights. We speak the seller’s language, and translate it to “legalese”.

The firm is led by Adv. Yael Cabilly, a NY attorney, with 13 years of experience in Intellectual Property. Yael and her team advise hundreds of private sellers on Amazon on various legal issues.

Why We Are Different

US Attorneys + IP Expertise + Amazon knowledge = The best combination to solve your Amazon problems.


IP Experts

Our attorneys have many years of experience in intellectual property.


E-commerce pros

Our attorneys live and breath the Amazon platform, and know it, inside and out.


Unique combination

We are one of the only firms in the world that combines both fields: IP and E-Commerce Law.



All communications with our firm are bound by Attorney- Client privilege

What clients say

" Yael is an IP expert with vast experience in eCommerce and Amazon issues. Her professionalism goes hand in hand with her kind and welcoming service. She helped us several times: reactivating closed listings, applying for trademarks, removing hijackers, and more. She consulted us on crucial issues at key moments in our business life and acted swiftly when needed. Highly recommended! "

Idan B.

" I used Yael's services few times during the last year: List suspension, trademark registry and few other professional issues I needed some advice for. I always get the most professional answers with empathy and a smile and I feel there is somebody to count on in this fragile business. Highly recommended! "

Ariel Weissboard Dagmi‎

" I always knew the day will come that I would find myself in the midst of a storm without a lifeboat, and knew that Yael and her Office will come to my rescue. Well, today I was proven right! When my Amazon account of many years, was suspended, Yael and her team quickly came to my aid, and my selling privileges were reinstated less than an hour after I sent my plan of action! They rock! What joy! I have no doubt in my mind that Yael has a solution for every problem. "


" Yael thank you very much for your quick, kind and professional service- but most of all thank you for solving the problem with Amazon and reactivating my listing as quick as possible. Highly recommended!"


" Professional and unparalleled service. If your account is suspended, or your listing removed, you have come to the right place! "


Highly Qualified Team

Yael Cabilly

Yael Cabilly is the founder of Cabilly & Co., and one of the leading attorneys in the field of E-Commerce Law. With over 13 years of experience in Intellectual Property, Yael uses her unique IP background to solve problems on E-Commerce platforms, and protect her clients’ interests. 

Ronit Epstein Klein

Ronit is an experienced attorney in the field of Intellectual Property. She  represents and advises Amazon Sellers in all aspects of intellectual property, in particular trademark registration, and Brand Registry issues. Ronit heads the Online Enforcement Department, and assists dozens of brand owners in the protection of their brands. She files DMCA take-down complaints, and fights hijackers on Amazon.

Yaffa Dagan

Yaffa is a trademark specialist and has vast experience in various Intellectual Property fields since the year 2000. Yaffa is experienced in complex trademarks, designs, copyrights and domain name matters, and in litigation of Intellectual Property law

Shira Marcus

Shira is US attorney (NY bar), with over 9 years of experience. Shira’s main focus is in dealing with Amazon Seller Suspended Accounts and Listings and getting them reinstated in the shortest possible time. She specializes in writing Amazon appeal letters and plans of action and has a deep understanding of the Amazon platform.

Anna Emanuel

Among other things, Anna serves as our receptionist. She also helps with our trademark registrations. Anna holds a Bachelors degree in Asian Studies and Communications from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and speaks five languages including Korean and Japanese.

Itay Lerer

Itay is a paralegal at Cabilly & Co. and provides assistance with all aspects of intellectual property case management. 

Shanna Meyuhas

Shanna is a US attorney, admitted to practice in New York State and the United States Federal District Court of the Southern District of New York.

Joel Clary

Joel is a paralegal assisting with trademark research, searches and registrations, and assisting sellers on the Amazon platform by drafting plans of action and appeal letters to reinstate suspended listings and accounts.

Shahak Leon Netz

Shahak Leon Netz is an intellectual property lawyer with 3 years of experience in trademarks, intellectual property litigation, commercial law and more. He has extensive experience working with large international corporations in leading Israeli intellectual property law offices.

Media center​

Most of you have probably heard about the change to Amazon’s terms of business. So what caused the change, and what does it mean for us? Will this change have an actual effect on us? I’ve read the fine print and examined the changes, and the answer is: this is a good start, but it’s still a long road ahead!

Background to the change: Amazon was investigated by the Bundeskartellamt – the German independent competition authority. The investigation stemmed from complaints by sellers in Germany,

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Chinese Hijackers

In the early 2000s they were called Cyber Squatters. Then came the Trademark Squatters.
Around twelve to thirteen years ago, clients would contact me and complain that someone had seized their domain (website) in China and registered it in their name.

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