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Our IP services span across all aspects of intellectual property, from IP filing and prosecution, including, the registration of trademarks, brand registry on Amazon, copyrights, designs, and patents, through IP enforcement to IP due diligence.


Trademark, Patents
and other IP Services

If you have an established brand, it is probably the most important asset of your company. We provide worldwide trademark registration services and have a network of trademark associates in every country. We will help you protect your brand globally, and will teach you how to enforce it.

According to Amazon’s rules, in order to join the Brand Registry Program, a seller needs to hold a registered trademark. Our attorneys provide efficient and affordable trademark registration services, tailor-made for Amazon sellers. Send us a link to your listing and your contact details, and we will do the rest!

Whether you are a seller who invented a brand-new product, a startup owner, or just someone with a novel idea, having a patent will help you to protect your invention and will provide you with many commercial opportunities.

Patents generally protect any new or useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition. Having a registered patent allows the owner to exclude others from making, using, selling, or offering to sell the invention described in the patent. However, a patent is not created simply by inventing a new (or improved) product. Unlike copyrights and trademarks, patent protection can only be obtained by filing a patent application in the country in which you wish to receive a patent. You will then receive approval of the application from the appropriate patent office. Amazon, and other e-commerce sites, will not protect your invention unless you have a registered patent. Once obtained, a registered patent can be a powerful tool to protect your product on Amazon, and other e-commerce sites.

 The process for obtaining a patent can be complex and can differ from country to country. It is important to know the relevant laws that govern each country. Our patent attorneys are highly experienced professionals in all areas of patent law including,  drafting, filing, enforcing, and developing the best patent protection strategy for your utility and design patents.

Copyrights are created once an idea manifests itself in a tangible form. This is true worldwide. However, in order to legally enforce your copyrights in the USA, you must prove that the work originated from you. The USA Copyright Office requires that you register your work as proof of origin, and only then are you able to enforce your rights in the USA. We have vast experience in USA copyright registration and can help you protect your original work.

Fight counterfeiters and hijackers. Protect your listing and brand.

Hijackers: If you sell on Amazon, you’ll probably encounter counterfeiters and hijackers, who take advantage of Amazon’s open catalog, and pretend to sell your product. These sellers can list their generic products against your branded listing, and sometimes even take over the “Buy Box”. You lose sales and may suffer from bad reviews. Thanks to our vast experience in trademark registration and enforcement, we can help you remove those sellers, and regain control over your listing.

Enforcement program: We offer comprehensive enforcement programs for established brands and file complaints against counterfeiters on a daily basis. We undertake to monitor your brand on every E-commerce platform and remove any trademark infringement.

A collection of intellectual property rights is known as an IP portfolio. When you have an IP portfolio you need to structure your IP strategy carefully to be tailored to your business needs.

Our team is known for taking the commercial-minded approach when helping our clients to develop, maintain and monetize their IP portfolio domestically and worldwide.

Our team of attorneys can help you avoid suspensions and infringement claims by providing valuable advice to keep you selling on various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Having worked with thousands of sellers, we will make sure you understand how to prevent suspensions, infringement claims, and lawsuits against you.

Have you received an Office Action refusing to register your trademark or design\utility patent? Our team of attorneys has overcome hundreds of USPTO refusals. We will provide you with a quick assessment of your office action and our suggested course of action, take over representation and submit a response on your behalf. Our experienced team will provide you with continuous reports and answers to all your questions.

In light of the development of the metaverse, you should check whether your current IP rights protect you from unauthorized use in the virtual world.

If your company is contemplating selling branded virtual goods and services in the metaverse or you want to proactively protect your intellectual property rights for use in connection with metaverse-related goods and services, you should consider filling trademark applications or purchasing blockchain domains.

Our team can help you structure your IP strategy in the metaverse.

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