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We’re thrilled to introduce our partnership with WiserMarket, a cutting-edge platform dedicated to eradicating fakes, intellectual property infringements, and brand abuse. This collaboration brings together WiserMarket’s advanced technological solutions and Cabilly & Co’s deep expertise in intellectual property, ensuring that your business is equipped with the most robust and comprehensive protection available in the industry.


Quick Counterfeit Removal

WiserMarket's system swiftly eliminates fake products and other IP infringements on various digital platforms.

Legal Expertise

We handle complex legal issues, including trademark registration in new areas and disputes on platforms like Amazon and Shopify.

Combined Strength

Our partnership with WiserMarket offers both immediate solutions to counterfeits and long-term legal support.

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Unrivaled Brand Protection Platform

Applying advanced machine learning algorithms to maximize IP enforcement and improve brand reputation. The ultimate turnkey solution for all your brand protection needs.

AI Technology

Using cutting edge AI technology we provide fast, accurate brand protection, on a large scale across multiple platforms and digital channels.

Rapid Enforcement

Taking down infringements quickly to prevent them from gaining online traction. Causing the bad guys to waste energy on fruitless actions.

Detailed Reports

Real-time reporting, allowing easy management and monitoring of brand protection performance.

360° Protection Suit

Worldwide coverage for your entire IP portfolio – full digital coverage for all your assets, in an easy-to-use web platform.

Accurate Analysis

High-end analysis is key – we provide proven best-in-class analysis, preventing false positives while avoiding adding to your workload.

Proven ROI

Proven track record of delivering exceptional ROI for our clients across various industries. Measurable results, maximized efficiency, and long-term success are at the heart of our brand protection service.