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Shopify & DTC Department Services

Our legal team specializes in the realms of Shopify & Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), ensuring the security of your business in the digital landscape. Our specialists handle various aspects, including Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Privacy, Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, Compliance and Regulation, and more.

Shopify & DTC Department Services​

Shopify & DTC Department Services​

Our team handles complex and evolving legal requirements in the area of data protection, privacy, and cyber laws, providing clients with the peace of mind and confidence they need to operate effectively in the digital world.

We are dedicated to helping clients comply with the constantly changing legal standards applicable to their digital operations.

The team offers guidance on a range of matters, including:

  • Providing comprehensive counsel on meeting the requirements of the Israeli Privacy Protection Law, the data security regulations, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Drafting policies and procedures related to data protection and information security, including action plans for responding to data breaches and expert advice on data protection and privacy regimes in various international markets.
  • Preparation of privacy policies that are tailored to online platforms such as e-commerce sites, portals, social networks, and software-as-a-service platforms.
  • Preparing data processing contracts between Controllers and Processors (service providers), and transfer of data agreements.
  • Delivering targeted training sessions to internal staff to ensure they handle personal information in accordance with best practices and applicable laws.

If you would like to sell products/services through your website (through Shopify or otherwise), our trained team can tailor the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to suit your needs. We will also provide guidance to ensure compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our compliance department provides professional advice in the fields of import regulation, label review (Cosmetics, Supplements, Children’s products and more) and test reports (CPSC, UL, FCC). We communicate directly with e-commerce marketplaces (e.g., Amazon) on behalf of our clients, in relation to safety standards and regulations as well as other compliance issues.

Our law firm specializes in providing comprehensive commercial law services for e-commerce businesses globally. Our team of knowledgeable attorneys is committed to helping e-commerce businesses succeed in the highly competitive online marketplace.

Our services include:

  • Contract Negotiations: Our attorneys are experts at negotiating favorable terms on behalf of our clients.
  • Contract Drafting: We draft contracts that safeguard our clients’ rights and interests, including designer agreements, work-for-hire contracts, manufacturer agreements, NDAs, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, company formation, service provider agreements, distribution agreements, brand management, and licensing agreements.
  • Global Experience and Knowledge: Our attorneys bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from the global marketplace, providing our clients with a unique advantage in a rapidly evolving e-commerce industry.

If you wish to: open your own Private Label; contract with manufacturers for your Private Label; hire someone to help you manage your Amazon store, or even operate it for you; sell your account; contract with suppliers or other Amazon business partners; or draft the Terms of Use for your Shopify website, you will need an experienced contract attorney to draft and negotiate those contracts for you.

Our vast knowledge and experience in contracts, along with our unique knowhow of the Amazon sphere and e-commerce world, will assure that your past, present and future interests are well protected.

Our sister company, Fortunet, is a leading investment banking firm specializing in the sale of premium E-commerce businesses & Amazon FBA businesses.

Fortunet represents FBA businesses, DTC brands, e-commerce SaaS and agencies, all with a singular focus: maximizing the value of the exit.

If you’re looking to sell your e-commerce business, fill out this form.

Our firm has successfully negotiated positive resolutions for dozens of e-commerce and IP-related lawsuits, including complex negotiations and the drafting of settlement agreements. If you are in need of assistance due to a lawsuit filed against you, we are happy to help.

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Don't Compromise on Legal Excellence for Your Business

When it comes to legal matters, there’s no room for shortcuts. While low-cost solutions might seem tempting, they often lead to costly mistakes. You deserve the best, and our legal team delivers just that.

With a track record of assisting over 7,000 clients, our seasoned lawyers have encountered and overcome every legal challenge imaginable. Whether it’s navigating tough Amazon suspensions, handling complex compliance issues, securing challenging patents, or managing routine trademarks and copyrights, our professionals excel in protecting your business.

Put your trust in our expertise, and rest easy knowing your business is safeguarded by the best in the field.

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Proven Success:

A strong history of resolving complex legal issues.

Tailored Solutions:

Customized legal strategies to fit your unique business needs.

Expert Team:

Access to specialists in e-commerce law and intellectual property.

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Round-the-clock availability for urgent legal matters.


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Paul Bristow
Paul Bristow
Team Cabilly are awesome! Their professionalism and dedication to the task of getting us reinstated has been 1st class.
Tal Fritag
Tal Fritag
Cabilly & Co. is the best legal partner for any Amazon seller. They have extensive experience and expertise in intellectual property and ecommerce law, and they know how to protect your brand and products on Amazon platform. They are also very fast and professional in their work. They respond to your queries promptly, explain everything clearly, and handle all the legal issues. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal support for their ecommerce business. They are the best in the field!
אסף ליאור
אסף ליאור
Wonderful experience with Cabillty & Co. Couldn't be more satisfied with the level of service I received. Professional, dedicated, and trusted. No other law firm is as knowledgeable as Cabilly on issues with Amazon. Thanks to Cabilly I got exactly the result I was looking for, without compromises.
Deborah Roberts
Deborah Roberts
As a business owner, I rely on Cabilly & Co for a wide variety of professional legal and consulting support, particularly as it relates to selling on Amazon. We have also recommended this firm to others with the utmost confidence. Cabilly & Co has assisted us with Amazon questions, IP/Patent questions, TM registrations, Purchase Agreements, Amazon Account Transfers, and more. We would like to give special words of thanks to team members: Yael, Shira, Seth, Leon, and Eddo. The team at Cabilly & Co are professional, knowledgeable, patient, experienced, and timely in their communication. 5 Stars!
Liora Omer
Liora Omer
Great service, communication, and execution. Cabilly & Co. registered my business' Trademark in the USA
binom wieder
binom wieder
i hade such a good experience using this company and especially Shahak Leon Netz i came to them with an issue and it got solved in 2 days
Bryon Stout
Bryon Stout
Its rare to find a company who cares so much and willing to put in the extra work needed to get things done. Cabilly & co is that company. When I need them, they are there and ready to help.
Lior Shitrit Lior Shitrit
Lior Shitrit Lior Shitrit
שרות מעולה ומקצועי ביותר, חסכו לי עשרות אלפי דולרים בטיפול בתיק על הפרת זכויות באמזון. ממליץ בחום!!!

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