We Ranked Among The Top 20 US Trademark Attorneys in the USA!

We are happy to announce that has conducted a unbiased research that used AI and big data to answer the question: “Which attorneys are the best of the best when it comes to trademark prosecution?”

By analyzing millions of USPTO trademark applications throughout the years for certain success indicators, was able to create a novel index to rank the best US attorneys in trademark law today.

Our firm, Cabilly & Co. was ranked number #17 out of more than 400,000 lawyers!
We knew that our success rate was outstanding, and we had a feeling that we’re one of the top trademark filers. Now there’s data to support this.
This study, by Dr. Guan Wang and Tessa Molnar, used big data analytics to process USPTO trademark applications from the past decade and rank attorneys with a weighted index based on the following metrics:
1. Total applications filed
2. Total registrations
3. Registration success rate
4. Registration processing time
5. Office actions incurred rate
6. Office action avoidance rate
7. Office action survival rate
“We didn’t accept nominations for attorneys to be ranked.[..]” said Henry Du, Ph.D., CEO of the company. “We want the data to speak for itself, so that the best attorneys in the field are championed as objectively as possible.”
Read more details in the press release here:
See the official ranking list here:
And the full report (including the methodology) here: