Case Study: How We Assisted an Amazon Seller in Combating Counterfeiters and Safeguarding Their Trademark?

How We Assisted an Amazon Seller in Combating Counterfeiters and Safeguarding Their Trademark? Case Study:

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In our line of work, no two cases are alike, and our recent win for a client against Amazon perfectly demonstrates this variety. This case, revolving around our Client’s inability to enforce their trademark on Amazon and combat counterfeiters, reaffirms our commitment to protecting our clients’ interests, no matter the adversary.

Blueprint for Success - Combating Amazon Counterfeiters - Cabilly Our client's Amazon listings were hijacked by counterfeit sellers, and Amazon dismissed their infringement complaints. We directly engaged Amazon's legal department with detailed evidence of the infringements. Amazon restored our client's enforcement rights, highlighting the significance of brand protection and persistence.

The Case: An Unwarranted Challenge to Our Client’s Reputation

Our client, a reputable Amazon seller, found their listings infiltrated by Black Hat Sellers/hijackers peddling counterfeit products. Amazon, instead of addressing our client’s rightful infringement complaints, dismissed them and restricted our client’s access to complaint channels, leaving the counterfeit goods unchecked.

Our Strategy: A Direct Approach

Faced with Amazon’s unresponsive standard resolution channels, we pivoted our strategy to directly engage Amazon’s legal department. We presented a meticulously prepared case detailing the trademark infringements, supported by tangible evidence including instances of counterfeit goods, and a record of our client’s repeated, unsuccessful efforts to resolve the issue through Amazon’s mechanisms.

We emphasized how Amazon’s lack of action was not only impairing our client’s business and reputation, but also neglecting their responsibility to maintain a trustworthy marketplace.

The Resolution: A Victory for Brand Protection

Our strategic approach resulted in a decisive win, and Amazon restored our client’s enforcement rights. This victory signifies more than just a case win; it symbolizes the power of persistence and the importance of standing up for brand integrity, even when up against industry giants.

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