CABILLY & CO. BLOG Seller Account Migration – Changing Ownership and Seller Account Details

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Amazon sellers often wonder if it is possible to change the details of their Amazon Seller account. These updates may involve changing the legal entity, modifying bank account information, and other account details. Previously, this was a straightforward process, where sellers could simply input new “legal entity” information directly on Seller Central. However, Amazon has recently revised their requirements, complicating the procedure significantly. In this article, we will address some of the common questions regarding the modification of information on an Seller Account

Is it possible to change the ownership of my Amazon Seller Account?

The short answer is yes, it is technically possible. However, changing the owner details and other account information can only be done under certain circumstances (see below), after obtaining Amazon’s permission, while paying close attention to the new information provided. Your new credentials will need to match your company’s legal name and bank account details since Amazon will need to verify these details. This needs to be done correctly to keep your account from getting suspended. So, if you are not sure about the steps you should consult a professional.

Why do I need Amazon’s permission?

According to the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement, you need to obtain Amazon’s approval before transferring the ownership to any of your “Affiliates” (Section 18. Miscellaneous):

Why is verification required? Because of the INFORM Consumers Act

The INFORM Consumers Act is a Federal law that came into effect on June 27, 2023. As a result of the INFORM Act, Amazon sellers are required by Amazon to verify information on their Seller accounts, namely: (1) identity; (2) bank account; (3) phone number; (4) business address; and (5) tax identification number. The verification process is mandatory, and failing to comply with this requirement may result in the deactivation of your Seller Account. 

Is verification required when I change my account details?

Yes, Amazon also requires sellers to verify new account credentials because of the INFORM Act. This includes ownership, bank account, business address and phone number. So, if you want to change your account details, you’ll need to go through verification.

Bugs in Amazon’s seller verification system

To further complicate matters, Amazon’s system still has technical glitches that interrupt the verification process. For example:

Bank account – Amazon require that you submit a bank statement showing beneficiary details that match the prior owner name of the account, rather than reflect the new ownership! You may be able to resolve this issue by opening cases with Amazon.

Credit card – after entering new credit card details you may get an error message saying “Amazon is not able to charge with the listed charge methods. This could be either due to incorrect details or lack of bank’s permission for respective marketplace.”

This can be extremely frustrating since you have checked, and the card details are clearly correct.

How long does it take to transfer ownership of an Amazon seller account?

The process used to take a few days if done correctly. But following the INFORM Act it can take longer and around a week for a straightforward transfer, assuming Amazon verifies the new account details quickly. The account should remain active and operate as usual during the migration process.

What about my Brand Registry? Will that need to be transferred too?

Like your brand, Brand registry privileges are attached to the Seller Account. So, your Brand Registry should remain with the seller account when you change the account details. In other words, Brand Registry does not need to be transferred as it remains part of the account. We previously discussed the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry, which helps sellers protect their intellectual property and reap the rewards of a trusted brand name.

What about my US trademark ownership? Will that need to be changed?

Yes, it is advisable to record an ownership change for your trademark with the US Trademark Office (USPTO). This is because changing the ownership details on Amazon will not be reflected on the USPTO system. It is best that the owner details on your seller account match the owner showing on the USPTO Register. This can be done by recording an ownership change through a US attorney.


It is possible to change the details of your Amazon seller account if done correctly. Bear in mind, the Amazon system is delicate and any changes you make should be done with extreme caution to ensure the safety of your account. We recommend consulting with a professional before making any changes.

* The above information refers to changes on seller accounts and does NOT apply to other marketplaces such as Europe or the UK.