Navigating the Walmart Brand Portal: A Comprehensive Guide for Amazon and e-Com Sellers

Walmart brand portal cabilly co article
Walmart brand portal cabilly co article

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Are you an Amazon seller considering expanding your e-commerce presence? Or perhaps you’re new to online selling and contemplating starting your journey with Walmart? Regardless of your experience level, one thing is certain: protecting your brand and intellectual property (IP) is paramount.

In the competitive world of e-commerce, safeguarding your brand identity is crucial. It helps maintain customer trust and maximize profits, especially in an environment where the risk of counterfeit products is ever-present. Recognizing this, Walmart, similar to Amazon’s Brand Registry program, has introduced a tool designed to help sellers protect their intellectual property rights. Welcome to the world of the Walmart Brand Portal.

The Walmart Brand Portal is a new platform that empowers sellers to manage their brands, submit intellectual property claims, and more, all within a user-friendly dashboard. This tool represents a significant advancement for Walmart sellers, providing brand protection and management.

But how does it work? And more importantly, how can you leverage it to protect and grow your brand? As we delve into the details of the Walmart Brand Portal, we’ll guide you through its features and benefits, helping you understand how to use it effectively to safeguard your brand and enhance your selling experience.

Why Should Sellers Consider Joining the Walmart Brand Portal?

Registering your brand with Walmart can help you manage your intellectual property claims more efficiently and effectively. It will allow you to take swift action and submit IP claims against counterfeiters and hijackers with one simple form. All your claims will be monitored in a single dashboard where you can see status and results.

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Navigating the Registration Process

Registering your brand on Walmart’s portal is a straightforward process, but it does require some preparation. This is the information you will need to submit to the Brand Portal:

1. Brand name – Ensure you have an active trademark registration with the USPTO. The portal currently only accepts US trademarks.
2.Trademark number (can be found on the USPTO directory).
3.Company address.
4.Email address – The confirmation is sent to the email address on record with the USPTO.

How to proceed after you were approved for the Walmart Brand Portal?

Once approved to the Brand Portal (usually takes about 7 days), it’s a good idea to conduct a ‘brand sweep’ on Walmart to assess the current state of your brands and content.

Walmart allows to file 4 types of claims:
1. Trademark
2. Counterfeit
3. Copyright
4. Patent

The claims are submitted by filling out a form within the Brand Portal, and you can also authorize third-party representatives to submit claims on your behalf.
Walmart’s Brand Portal provides robust protection for your brand against a variety of intellectual property-related issues. We are confident that over time, the Portal will continue to improve and incorporate additional features, further enhancing its importance for Walmart sellers.

Update 09.11.23

Walmart is taking a page out of Amazon’s playbook with the launch of its Brand Portal. Now, trademark owners are required to verify their identity as the owner of their trademark in order to complete their Brand Portal application.
Need help with the enrollment process at Walmart? Reach out to us! We’re here to guide you smoothly through the process.

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In Conclusion

The Walmart Brand Portal is a powerful tool for e-commerce sellers looking to protect and manage their brands on Walmart’s marketplace. With its streamlined processes and comprehensive dashboard, it simplifies the task of intellectual property enforcement. However, navigating this new platform can seem daunting, especially for those new to the e-commerce space. Remember, you don’t need to be a legal expert to understand and utilize the Walmart Brand Portal effectively. With the right information, a clear understanding of the requirements, and a commitment to protecting your brand, you can leverage the Walmart Brand Portal to its fullest potential. As you embark on this journey, remember that every step taken towards protecting your brand is a step towards securing the future of your business.

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Table of Contents