Copyrights and Design Patent Registration

Copyrights are created once an idea manifests into a tangible form. This is true worldwide. However, in order to legally enforce your copyrights in the USA, you must prove that the work originated from you. The USA Copyright Office requires that you register your work as proof of origin, and only then are you able to enforce your right in the USA. We have vast experience in USA copyright registration and can help you protect your original work.

If you designed a unique product, or have unique photos, you should consider protecting your creations by registering it. Amazon and other platforms will not protect your design, unless you have proof that it is of your own creation. Our attorneys file for Copyrights and Design Patents registration over the world, and will assist you in the protection of your IP.

Main Benefits

Gain legal protection for copyrighted work
Gain legal protection for your special design
Enforce your rights with Amazon backing, and other platforms