News – A massive scam resulted in the invalidation of 5,550+ trademark applications filed by low-cost filers

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Attention Amazon sellers! Do you need help filing a trademark application? Be wary of low-cost trademark filing companies that may not have the proper certifications. The USPTO recently invalidated more than 5,500 trademark applications filed by certain companies due to their egregious scheme to deceive both the USPTO and their customers. These companies falsely advertised low filing fees, sent fake demand letters, made intentional mistakes in the trademark applications so customers had to pay more to get them resolved, and even forged signatures. As a result, the USPTO recommends that each of the applicants who hired these companies must now re-file their trademark application and use the services of a certified attorney.  


The USPTO decision to cancel over 5,500 trademarks had jolted Amazon into action. We received several requests for help from Amazon sellers who used these illicit services and had their trademarks invalidated by the USPTO. Each received the following message from Amazon, canceling their Brand Registry privileges, stating that they must file for a new application.

Your application may be impacted if you worked with one of the entities listed below:

Brand Markly                    Logo Orb                 Manhattan Digital          Trademark Fusion           
Design Iconix                    Logo Sparkle           Nucle-I Global                Trademark Kingdom                        
Design Logo USA             Logo Synergy          Ohmydigital                   Trademark Nation 
Designing Territory           Logo Tender           Olive Logo                      Trademark Regal 
Digitalech                         Logo Vizio              Oneclicklogo                   Trademark Target 
Downtown Digital            LogoAmmo            Trademark 999                 Trademark Terminal 
Impressionify                   Logoexxon              Trademark Axis                US Trademark Profs  
Kreative5                          Logoknox               Trademark Eminent         US Trademark Pros 
Logo Evoke                      Logomacy               Trademark Excel              US Trademark Solutions 
Logo Facility                     Logostark               Trademark Falcon            Websnart  
Logo Iconix                    
Source: USPTO

Don't fall victim to these types of deceptive practices. Always use a certified lawyer for all‚ÄĮthings‚ÄĮlegal!

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