How to choose a brand name that will be approved as a trademark?

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In our new YouTube video, Yael discussed different factors to consider when choosing a brand name that will also be approved as a trademark.

It is important to choose a good brand that can be registered as a trademark because a strong and distinctive brand can help your business stand out in the market and establish a unique identity.

A trademark is a type of intellectual property that protects your brand and helps you prevent others from using it without your permission. By registering your brand as a trademark, you can legally enforce your rights to it and protect your business’s reputation and goodwill.

A strong brand can also help you attract customers, build loyalty, and differentiate your products or services from those of your competitors. Therefore, choosing a good brand and registering it as a trademark can be an important step in building and growing a successful business.

To choose a good brand that can be registered as a trademark, you can consider the following:


  1. Use a brand that is suggestive rather than descriptive. A suggestive brand indirectly hints at what you sell, rather than directly describing it. For example, Puma suggests that it’s something that goes quickly, but it doesn’t explicitly say that it’s a brand of shoes.

  2. Use a brand that is a word in the dictionary, but doesn’t describe your product. For example, Apple is okay if you sell computers, but not if you sell apples or other fruit.

  3. Use a completely invented brand, like Verizon. This is a word that nobody has heard before, and it doesn’t describe the product.

  4. Remember to conduct a search to make sure that the brand isn’t already registered as a trademark by someone else, and that you’re not infringing on any rights.