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How to get a trademark - a step by step guide cabilly co

How to Get a Trademark? – A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn the importance of trademark registration, the step-by-step process to obtain one, and how an IP attorney can help you navigate challenges like Office Actions and disputes. Protect your brand and enhance its presence with a registered trademark.

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trademark scam 2

News – A massive scam resulted in the invalidation of 5,550+ trademark applications filed by low-cost filers

Is It Still OK To Include Inserts In With Your Products?
Let me just put this out upfront: from an account health perspective, we’re not big fans of inserts. We have seen relatively mild inserts lead to long, difficult suspensions. We have seen sellers forget to remove their inserts from FBA products after being reinstated and go right back to an even longer, even more, difficult suspension. And we have seen people gleefully report their competitors for inserts.

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Can Your Trademark Cover More Than One Country

“International” Trademark Applications: can your trademark cover more than one country?

If you sell your product in multiple countries, the costs of protecting your trademark in each territory can be quite burdensome. The following article will focus on a budget-friendly legal solution, for sellers who sell in multiple countries: filing an “international” trademark application, instead of filing separate national trademark applications for each individual territory.

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