Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluation Procedure

Amazon currently operates a program to deal with utility patent infringement through an arbitration process, to balance between the rights of complainants and sellers. Our firm has successfully represented patent owners and sellers through this proceeding.   The program requires an application and doesn’t apply to each case. It allows the patent holder to file…

You surprisingly discovered that someone copied and posted your image on their listing. What can you do?

A common misconception is, that in order to enforce your rights with Amazon you must have a registered copyright. Indeed, Amazon prefers to see documentation. If you register your copyright in the US copyright registry (, and provide Amazon with the certificate of registration, Amazon will enforce your right immediately and remove the infringing image…

Most of you have probably heard about the change to Amazon’s terms of business. So what caused the change, and what does it mean for us? Will this change have an actual effect on us? I’ve read the fine print and examined the changes, and the answer is: this is a good start, but it’s still a long road ahead!

Background to the change: Amazon was investigated by the Bundeskartellamt – the German independent competition authority. The investigation stemmed from complaints by sellers in Germany, who claimed that the Amazon platform was abusing third-party vendors and was acting in a conflict of interests, acting as both a seller and a platform at the same time.…

Chinese Hijackers

In the early 2000s they were called Cyber Squatters. Then came the Trademark Squatters.
Around twelve to thirteen years ago, clients would contact me and complain that someone had seized their domain (website) in China and registered it in their name.

First Sale Doctrine

You received an ominous letter from a trademark owner (or worse, from their legal representative), claiming that you have violated their protected registered trademark rights, by selling their product on Amazon.